Fitness Expert Perry Smith Explains the Forward Fold Technique

Former owner of a Brentwood, TN, business, Perry Smith from Nashville has developed innovative designs for running shoes. Perry Smith now operates a fitness center that assists clients by analyzing key movement patterns and posture.

Aside from giving the body a nice look, good posture helps develop balance, flexibility, and strength. When a person maintains proper posture, ligaments and muscles will be free from a significant amount of stress, reducing the chance of injury. Certain exercises, such as the child’s pose, side plank, downward-facing dog, forward fold, and chest opener, can help maintain good posture.

The forward fold helps relieve tension on gluteus muscles, hamstrings, and the spine. The activity stretches the hips, legs, and back. During a forward fold, a person should:

1. Stand with heels slightly apart and big toes touching, moving hands to hips while folding forward at the hips.

2. Release their hands toward the floor as far as possible.

3. Slightly bend their knees if they have tight hamstrings or low back.

4. Tuck their chin into their chest, and remain in that position for up to one minute.

People with poor balance and those who are pregnant can stand with their feet wider apart. Pregnant women also should only fold forward to the extent their pregnancy stage allows, avoiding belly compression.

Perry Smith — Nashville, Founder Perry Smith Fitness Concepts