Perry Smith Explains How to Find Proper Form When Working Out with Weights

Perry Smith leads Perry Smith Fitness Concepts in Nashville and has developed an advanced system that relies on an evaluation of client movement patterns and posture. One aspect of the fitness equation that Perry Smith emphasizes with Brentwood, TN clients centers on lifting weights for building muscle mass.

With many people having set up home weight lifting routines, one common mistake is not properly bracing or engaging the core. The key is to be aware of the body’s basic prime movements, such as the squat, press, and hip hinge.

The latter is exemplified in the deadlift, where the key is to avoid a rounded spine when bending to pick up the weight. Rather, use the natural hinge that the hip and bent knees provide to lower and firmly grasp the weight. When in a standing position and throughout the movement, avoid the tendency to arch the spine and keep the back consistently straight.

One way of correcting persistent form issues is to work with a trainer in finding the correct form. If necessary, have the “before” and “after” elements videotaped and deconstruct exactly which movements change in achieving the proper form. Once the corrected form becomes a habit, employ muscle memory as an ally throughout the workout.

Perry Smith — Nashville, Founder Perry Smith Fitness Concepts