Understanding Body Mechanics with Perry Smith

An experienced health care professional, Perry Smith of Nashville, TN, is the owner of Perry Smith Fitness Concepts, a fitness training center in the Nashville metropolitan area. A successful entrepreneur who is adept at marketing, he previously owned and sold a business in McLean, Virginia, before moving to Brentwood, TN. Perry Smith assists clients in areas such as strength training, fitness, running, and body mechanics.

Body mechanics deal with our movements as we perform daily activities. Good body mechanics involve having proper posture and learning how to properly execute various activities such as standing, bending, sitting, sleeping, and lifting. Appropriate body mechanics enable a person to perform tasks with less energy, and help avoid injuries.

Potential injuries from improper movement can include musculoskeletal issues such as injuries of the tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and joints. Poor body mechanics can also lead to back problems. Incorrect movements can place undue stress on the spine, which may cause unwarranted wear and tear, as well as deterioration of spinal discs and joints.

Perry Smith — Nashville, Founder Perry Smith Fitness Concepts